My word, have I just been through a roller-coaster of a learning curve this week? I feel like I have met my ‘Nemesis’ whilst ‘Corkscrewing’ close to ‘Oblivion’ but ending up on a ‘Smiler’. * I’ve been completely Farrow and Balled!

I have moved a few times in my lifetime and have always made do with Crown or Dulux paints for my four walls. That’s a process that has become the past for me because I have been converted, touched by the divine spirit of Farrow and Ball, one might say. 

That’s why, at Brighton Blinds, we prefer Farrow and Ball for all our interior design projects, not just because we’re reducing our impact on the environment but because of Farrow & Ball’s fabulous colourways. Just perfect for your Brighton period property—and just as good for more modern homes, too.

Committed to the environment

In no short measure is this because I have discovered the company’s commitment to the environment and their Eco-friendly policy. In 2010 they were the first paint company to completely scrap eco disastrous activity and their entire paint range in favour of purely water-based paints. This leap of faith on their part was a huge risk and could have been its downfall but you know what they say about rising from the ashes and boy have they soared and set a precedent.

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC are behind the strong-smelling everyday paints we use and are the culprits when it comes to the pollutants that infiltrate our atmosphere as paint dries in our homes. Now, Farrow and Balls paints are all low odour and the finishes don’t release any nasty fumes. You end up with a product that is safe, comfortable to apply and are kinder to the environment. 

Credit where credit is due, this is a massive dedication on their part. From the responsible sources pigments to making sure that all ingredients are sourced from others who also believe in the above ethos.

Colour Trends for 2021 from Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball Colour Trends for 2021

Farrow and Ball have cleverly formulated 132 different palettes, this range responds to all possible combinations of an interior in relation to the personality and style of the client. Farrow and Ball have exercised an awareness of both science and psychology and present you with the opportunity to truly express yourself while caring for the planet and our futures. 

Rollercoaster ride over, I’m back down to earth and ready for some lunch now.

* roller coaster reference care of Alton Towers.