What do you want to achieve? This is usually the first question I have when I meet a client for the first time.

Your answers range from;

  • ‘I want privacy during the day’.
  • ‘I want to filter light intensity’.
  • ‘I want to shut the world out during the evening to give me a sense of security’.
  • ‘I want to be able to open the blind completely and get maximum light in on sunny days’.
  • ‘I want a balance between function and aesthetic’.

You may think, ‘that’s a lot of things for a single window dressing to do, Question, can it be done? Answer, YES!How? Decorquip’s Double roller blind!

Here at Brighton Blinds, I think it’s a fantastic product, and the genius of it is so simple. It’s a horizontally striped fabric that switches from solid to voile panels. 

Roller blinds in a bay window with a two-seater sofa.

So much from a simple mechanism

The fabric comes down from a simple roller mechanism, wraps around a bottom bar and then rises back up to the mechanism again. So you have two drops of half solid, half opaque fabric—one behind the other but, by simply pulling the chain a couple of inches, you can align the solid stripes to give total privacy.

The core mechanism is a simple roller blind function, so it’s light and easy to use and gives a massive amount of control; it dots my I’s and crosses my T’s.

In addition to the above practicalities, Decorquip offers more than 100 different fabrics, from quiet and sophisticated neutrals, linen looks, textured hues and shades all the way through to bold and almost electric colours.

Other companies make a similar product and might call them ‘Day and Night blinds’ or ‘Duo blinds’ or ‘Zebra blinds’ or ‘privacy blinds’. But, I just love the simplicity, directness and transparency of the product that Decorquip offer. It’s just two pieces of fabric—i.e. it’s a double roller blind!

At home across Brighton and Sussex

I have fitted these blinds in many, many houses across Brighton and Sussex. That’s because of the choice and versatility on offer.

One of my clients in Hove had a huge run of five patio doors in a very modern space, and they wanted to keep the sense of size. So I mounted the double rollers into perfect fit frames that attached directly to the doors, covering all of the glass when required. 

A huge bay window with multi-functional roller blinds

The perfect fit frame was ideal because it adheres to the doors by simply inserting L shape brackets between the glass and the rubber frame of the window. No screws, no drilling and no running the risk of invalidating any guarantee on the double glazing.

Powered roller blinds for an easier life

So here I am, gas mark 4 on my hob and simmering nicely when I think, ‘let’s turn the heat up a little’. ‘That’s five blinds and five bead chains to pull up and down, so I say, ‘want an easier life?’ The client looked intrigued, so that’s when I slipped another ace from up my sleeve and put the Louvolite one-touch motor on the table.

This piece of kit is brilliant, no mains feed required, and no electrician needed. Instead, a lithium rechargeable battery is inserted into the tube of the blinds themselves, and on either the left or the right side, there is the tiniest little charge point.

Once every six months, you plug each blind in for a couple or three hours, the same way you would put your phone on to charge. A five-channel remote control allows you to operate them altogether or individually. That’s when the timer on my cooker chimed, and dinner is served.

They are sleek, contemporary, colourful, practical, and a perfect addition to any household, modern or traditional.

Flexible roller blinds in a kitchen

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I’ve been Roger Butler, and I’m off for my dinner. Bon appetit!