For the past four months, I have been working for a lovely lady. She asked me to help her downsize from her beautiful regency townhouse on the seafront and into a bungalow.

So, as we stood in the floor to ceiling bay window admiring the view of Brighton Marina to our left and the Palace Pier on our right, we discussed her motivations with regards to interior design. We looked at the walls adorned with Strawberry Thief wallpaper and complimented with curtains in a gold brocade fabric.

She explained how her nature was to always compliment her environment based upon the style and period of the property but how the new house had no discernible features or identity to help give her find a similar direction.

Jungle-patterned fabrics in a grand room

“A blank canvas”, I remarked, “indeed,” she replied. And this is when the jungle became interesting.

From the ornateness of the William Morris patterns and the bright colours that she had used in this period property, I could tell that she was not shy at coming forward so, as I took out my iPhone and tapped in and suggested we went on a little safari.

Brightly-coloured jungle-pattern fabric

Although I did not, for a minute, suggest that she become Jayne to my Tarzan, she had no difficulty grabbing a vine and swinging through a collection of velvets called ‘Journey Beyond’ with me.

We gasped at the vibrancy of colour in the design ‘Hidden Paradise’, thought twice about the mysterious ‘Forbidden Forest’ and ‘Secret Oasis’. Although tempted by the ‘Fable Lagoon,’ it was the ‘Bengal Tiger’ in Twilight that finally took her breath away.

Tigers in the jungle-patterned fabric

It took centre stage in her new bedroom as floor-length curtains hanging on a silent gliss track and a single roman blind whilst we complimented it further by re-upholstering her bed at the same time.

Regarding the picture of the actual room, once I was finished and was distracted by a coconut, I apologise for not making the bed. I simply wasn’t expecting visitors.

Jungle curtains in the bedroom

Monkeying about aside, I have been Roger Butler of Brighton Blinds.