I spend my life going into people’s homes, helping them imprint their own personality on their environment in terms of design and décor.

Every property is different, so my work is in a state of constant creativity, exciting and never dull and I, therefore, think I have one of the best jobs going. Lucky me!

My work is never more stimulating than when a client asks me to produce something totally bespoke, i.e. not part of an existing range of fabrics or wallpapers but utterly unique.

Classic Tintin images for a roller blind

Recently I was asked to truly indulge a client’s little nipper with a blackout roller blind depicting his hero—in this case, Tintin. We found an image from one of the classic cartoons, manipulated the colours to make them more vivid and Tah-da! How’s this for a reason to go to bed on time and wake up with a smile on your face? Or even help to expand a child’s creativity by making a bedroom into a space that inspires fantasy?

Tintin and Snowy

Star Wars wallpaper for a child’s bedroom

Currently, I am designing a printed paper for a wall in another client’s child’s bedroom. I am replacing the Luke Skywalker character with his image showing the lad doing battle with Darth Vader from Return of the Jedi. Although, I must admit, I did prefer The Empire Strikes Back.

Bespoke interiors are now within your reach

You don’t have to stop there, though. Digital printing has become a streamlined process today. It can quite easily be employed to design wall art, a mural of Katherine Hepburn wearing pearls whilst munching on a croissant, wallpapers showing serene images of dolphins in calm seas with blue skies, or even using them a wall as picture frame depicting a fond family memory.

Once, digital printing was an expensive process. However, after years of the commercial sector using the process to produce banners and advertising concepts, it’s become way more affordable, and it’s no longer a price tag you should live in fear of.

Your house is your oyster!