I like my job for many reasons, least of all because I work for some lovely clients who make my sweat and toil less of a labour. But it also helps when you have faith in your suppliers.

Decorquip is a young, dynamic and proactive company that I am proud to represent in the community. Their commitment and dedication to supplying fantastic blinds with unswerving customer support during and after point of sale, in my opinion, sets an industry standard others struggle to offer.

This is an organisation of outstanding people who although work as keenly as mustard do so with a sense of humour and a generosity of spirit for issues that matter to all of us.

‘Wear it Pink’ Charity Day

Not so long ago these guys and girls held a charity day at their offices called ‘Wear it Pink’ in support of Breast Cancer Now.

A great day was had raising much-needed funds and they really got into the spirit of things dressing up in all manner of shades of pink. Costumes included a Power Rangerred cheerleader, a fairy, a Mr Blobby and plenty of Flamingo wannabe’s.

There were pink beards, cupcakes, wigs and grass skirts all over the shop and you don’t have to take my word for it here’s the photographic proof.