I apologise unreservedly for my naivety and indeed, any offence I may have caused when I took my first appointment at Solomon’s Seal and looked at the huge interpretation of a ‘Solomons Seal’ thinking why isn’t it small, white, fluffy, cute with gorgeous big eyes and ‘Mum, can I have one of these instead of a kitten’.

This man-made rendition of a King Solomons seed, commonly known for appearing in cottage gardens for foliage in early spring provides a fantastic focal point on the green. It brings families together where children can play with each other. Can’t help but hear Joyce Grenfell’s voice in my head saying something like ‘don’t climb on that Timmy’ but how can they not when it’s just so much fun.

My lack of education excused, I have to say that I feel forgiven if not vindicated by this community which, has been incredibly generous to me and my business. I have worked in almost a dozen homes on this development fitting shutters, Venetian blinds and curtains and I am so very grateful to you all.

I use the word community very deliberately, I don’t think I have worked in such a friendly place before, there is a huge diversity of character on the estate and with it a surprising melding of spirit and goodwill. Everyone knows each other, everyone has the time of day for each other and everybody cares about their neighbour. You may think that’s a wet thing to say but I’m not a young chap (anymore) and I have to say it’s very nice and reassuring to see in world woe.

My thanks for your trust, custom and kindness and as one of you, whom I use to work with some 20 years ago reminded me, I can blush redder than a radish.