The new development Highwood both the Mill and the Village is just outside Horsham along the A24 and is, in my opinion, a truly great representation of well thought out and blended architecture. A modern build with an appreciation of village individualism and dare I say it imagery.

There isn’t a single aspect that does not flow naturally. There are plenty of examples of differing house style all of which come together and compliment each other. To date, I have made several pairs of curtains and roman blinds and have enjoyed working in these properties.

Individuality in relation to our personal space is something that makes us feel special and this has been achieved at Highwood. It’s far enough outside Horsham not to feel like you’re part of Horsham and it does have a village feel, before you know it a resident, when asked where do you live, might say “I come from a place called Highwood” denoting a pure and independent status whereas only a light-year ago they would have simply said ‘I live in Horsham’. I am a Country lad and was born in a village called Bayston at the foot of a Hill called Lyth in Salop, every-time I say it, if asked, I can’t help but feel like I came from somewhere romantic, Countrified or even better still, out of a tale of a sleepy hamlet as penned by Tolkien.

We all have an opinion about new builds and the fear they may pose, for instance, the potential loss of identity as villages grow or towns become borderless as they encroach upon another. This is fuelled further by our memories and the constant reminders of the architectural horrors of the past. The eyesores of the sixties and seventies that we, oh so try, to turn a blind eye to today. This is not the case with Highwood. Lessons have been learned and Highwood is a perfect example of how to respond to a housing crisis and GET IT RIGHT!