I have always believed that my clients know what you want and hopefully have the confidence to express it.

Every magazine shelf in your local newsagents will be choc-a-bloc of publications that tell you THEY know what the current shutter, roller blinds or venetian trends are and then preach about how you should choose to express yourself. Interviews with designers who have used 6 shades of grey or half a dozen neutral tones on a project and then rave about how they interpreted their client’s wishes. DID THEY? Or did they simply give you a scheme you can’t falter because it didn’t aspire to being anything specific and is therefore simply inoffensive and therefore acceptable rather than innovative.

YOU know who you are and you know what you like, trust yourself. One of the more enjoyable aspects of what I do is motivating you to have faith in yourself, helping you visualise your own taste and passion by exampling it back to you i.e. I listen.

For those clients who have difficulty choosing a concept to move forward with because there are too many external influences in play I say STOP. Stop trying to tally or reconcile your personal leanings with the latest image of a celebrity at home in a stark environment, remember, it’s your life you’re living not theirs.

Relax, it doesn’t need to be a crisis of faith, instead it can be how you successfully rage against the machine of tabloid influence and discover your inner creativity. Still feel doubtful about yourself, here’s a hint, take a good long look in your wardrobe, what colours, patterns or styles do you dress in that make you feel comfortable and secure. Open those doors and peek into your own Narnia of imagination and creativity. If these words help you pass through this particular kissing gate give yourself a peck on the cheek.

How you choose to live is how you want to live, if you like grey and neutral tones, the serenity of the simple because that is your happy place then I applaud you for it, just promise me, its what you want rather than its because it just appeared in last month’s issue of Vogue, or is it Vague?